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TV I Miss 21 February, 2006

Posted by possum in Media.
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I’m beginning to think that any TV show I like is doomed to be cancelled. Even pre-emptively cancelled before I’ve even started watching.

I miss Firefly. Great characters, good dialogue and funny. I didn’t start watching until it had already been cancelled. I’m not sure it ever made TV here, if it did it would have been on late at night.

A couple of weeks ago I caught Wonderfalls on a Saturday afternoon. As I sat watching and enjoying they crazy stalker episode I thought that this show is too good, there is now way it could still be in production. The time slot gave it a way a little too. Sure enough, I googled and cancelled. Bummer.

Rather belatedly I’ve started watching Arrested Development. I’m about halfway through season two. Loving it. So I was damn pissed when I read that it has been cancelled too over at The Dot. I don’t know, maybe it jumped the shark in later seasons.