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Negotiating my return to work 25 February, 2006

Posted by possum in Employment, Parenting.
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I have always intended to go back to work. Prior to starting my maternity leave, I had the idea of working a total of 20 hours per week with 10 of those hours in the office. I thought I would return to the office about March. I enjoy my job and like my co-workers. I went on maternity leave three weeks before my due date. Well all I really did was stop full time work. I was in the office the first day of my leave. I also worked the morning I before I had my baby. But not because I really, really love my job. I just can’t say no.

I found out last week that my preferred childcare option is unavailable and now I find myself floundering and unable to make a decision. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with other childcare options. I believe my return to work and my baby spending time with others would be beneficial to us both. I find entertaining a four month old all day long exhausting. Sometimes I think my some of my brains got swept away with the placenta. The money would be nice but we can survive without it. I was reading some old journal entries and I was surprised to read that I almost hated my job before I got pregnant. I had forgotten about that. I just don’t know what to do.