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A very crafty Christmas to you 19 December, 2007

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A very crafty Christmas to you, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

Almost finished the Christmas crafting. Two more freezer paper stencilled tees to do and the yet to be determined father presents are to be made or acquired. Still, with almost a week to go I’m happy with my progress.


More Christmas Gifts 29 November, 2007

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Freezer Paper Stencil Tees for my brothers, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

I just finished up some freezer paper stencilled tees for my brothers. I’m really looking forward to giving these at Christmas. Freezer paper stencils are so quick and easy, if you haven’t tried it already, you must!

Brother #1 is getting the tee at the top. He will judge a person on their music choices. We share a lot of favourite music; The Shins, Interpol, Bloc Party and Modest Mouse to name a few. As soon as I saw this stencil I knew I had to make it for Brother #1.

Brother #2 is getting the tee on the bottom left. It took me a long time to find a stencil for him but when I saw this one I knew it would be right. He’s a fan of South Park and after an incident earlier this year, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

Brother #3 is getting the tee on the bottom right. He’s the baby of the family and a total stirrer. It probably would have been more suitable to make this stencil for everyone else in the family. I think he’ll love it.

My sewing corner 26 November, 2007

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Fabric Hoops Wall Art, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

Some embroidery hoops, fabric scraps, wall hooks and voila!

If only I had sewn them too 25 November, 2007

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The trifecta: Hand dyed, goccoed, screenprinted tees, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

This project started on Wednesday and finished on Saturday. Wednesday morning I mixed a bucket of hot water, sodium carbonate (soda ash), urea and non-iodised salt. After waiting for the solution to cool I placed the pre-washed tees in the bucket and closed the lid to be forgotten about until I was ready for the next step.

I spent a lot of time working out how much and which Procion MX dyes to use on Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday evening I shut myself in the laundry, lay out a plastic tablecloth and donned my dust mask, safety goggles and apron to start mixing dyes.  I was using a Low Water Immersion dyeing method.  Forty minutes later all the tees were bagged in the dye solution to cure overnight.

On Thursday evening I got to least enjoyable and time consuming part of the process: rinsing out the dyes.  I rinsed in the sink, then threw them in the wash and hung them out to dry.   That was the dyeing portion of this project out of they way.

On Friday I selected an image and emailed it to work to be printed on the laser printer.  I was going to be using the Gocco to burn the screen so the image needs to contain carbon.  When my printed artwork made it home and the kids were in bed I pulled out the Gocco and burned the screen.  The Gocco had served it’s purpose and was packed away to make room for the squeegee and fabric paint.  Six squeegee swipes down the screen later and I was done for the night.

On Saturday all I had left to do was heat set the image and give all the tees a final wash.  Time to cross all the nephews off the Christmas to do list.  Hooray!

This was my first attempt at hand dyeing fabric.  The results are OK, but not great.  The colours aren’t as strong as I would have liked and the dye job is a bit uneven on a couple of the tees.  My process needs a bit of refinement and I need to review the amount of dye I used.  I can’t wait to get my next batch of supplies to have another go at hand dyeing.

I cannot tell you how much I love the GoccoI’m saving up my money to get the larger model for more printing area. That thing is magic and hours of fun.

At it again! 15 November, 2007

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Gocco Christmas Tags, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

I am really going to have to get myself organised if I’m going to get all my Christmas crafts done in time. Only six Thursdays to go, which means I only have 18 hours of child free time to do lots of freezer paper stencils and sewing. Oh and did I mention I ordered some Procion MX dyes with the plan of dying those tees first?

Patience Is A Virtue 12 November, 2007

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New Dress, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

It’s going to be the summer of dresses for the toddler. She is getting close to the end of potty training and dresses are just a whole lot easier to handle than shorts.

I whipped this dress up last week from a sheet set that I found on sale. I totally messed up on a number of occasions and the whole evening ended up being a lesson in taking one’s time. Luckily everything was either easily fixed (in the case of the straps) or at least salvageable (in the case of the frill and shirring). If I had taken a minute to actually think the project would have gone a lot smoother, but thinking isn’t one of my strong suits at the moment. Sleep deprivation is a doozy.

I am so glad that the dress ended up being wearable.  By my own kid at least, I couldn’t let anyone else wear it. I would have been devastated to have wasted the fabric (No joke, my hormones are going crazy.)  Lots of cute birdies that I am currently obsessed with and “but-flies” that the toddler is obsessed with.

Christmas Crafts 5 November, 2007

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Gocco Cards, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

Presenting phase one in this years homemade Christmas. I’ll be splitting these cards up into packs of ten.

I spent days trying to come up with a design for the cards. The birds were from an embroidery pattern and the owl was a random image somewhere. They were both tiny images so I then spent hours in Photoshop with the pen tool creating shapes.

The owl was designed to be a two master print, but I messed up the registration and only 1/3 of them came out OK. I ended up printing more of the outline and using water colours which is what you can see here. I was a bit smarter when it came to the flowers and took the time getting the registration right and it paid off. I haven’t decided if I’ll use water colours on the birdys.