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Updating fitness goals 17 March, 2008

Posted by possum in Sport + Fitness.
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  • Run Bridge-to-Bridge race (6.5km) in less than 35 minutes. The race is on March 2. Ran it in 31:22 and won!
  • Improve throwing strength. Not much progress has been made on this front I’m afraid.
  • Improve attacking skills in netball.
  • Run a 10km race.  I’m running a quarter marathon (10.55km) on April 6.
  • The Mondo Beyondo goal – Run a half-marathon. This doesn’t feel Mondo Beyondo anymore.  I think I’ll run a half in Spring or Autumn 2009.
  • Long term, 10km in 45 minutes.
  • That makes the real Mondo Beyondo goal running a marathon.  I can’t see this happening for many years, at least until I’ve finished having children.