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Birthday Outfit 17 October, 2007

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Birthday Outfit, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

This is the outfit I made for the toddler’s second birthday. It’s a simple shirred dress with frill and matching hat. I’m so happy with how it turned out. The toddler was quite happy too, proclaiming “My green dress, my green hat.” all day long.


Two 15 October, 2007

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Hair Twirler, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

My big little girl is now two. She loves to play hide and seek, but she only likes to do the seeking. She’s developing a great sense of humour and playfulness. She imitates the baby. She likes to get us out of bed by tickling our feet. She’s scared of the puppet theatre. She has always loved to dance and has recently started singing. “Doe, female deer. Ray, uh uh uh uh sun. Me, name, call, self. Far, uh uh uh uh run.”

One of my favourite things is something she has done since she was very little. It started out with pulling her own hair while nursing. Then when she was a little older, but didn’t have enough hair of her own; she would twirl my hair while we were cuddling, the hair behind my ears. At some point her hair had grown long enough to twirl. There were a few mishaps in the beginning, fingers getting stuck, knots so bad I had to get the scissors out. She starts twirling whenever she is relaxing; drinking milk, reading books, cuddling and lying in bed. It makes me smile every time.

Happy Birthday little one!

Pregnant feet in Fiji 11 October, 2007

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Feet in Fiji, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

Two years ago my parents took me on a holiday to Fiji. It was beautiful and relaxing and I had a wonderful time. I went snorkeling and visited a reef that was recovering from being nearly destroyed two years earlier. I went on a scary bus ride with a mad driver on the twisting, winding road in need of repair.

I was 22 weeks pregnant on that holiday, so all the fancy cocktails I ordered were made without alcohol. Not quite the same but it was fun pretending. It’s probably needless to say that my feet haven’t looked this good since that holiday.

These are some of my favourite things 5 October, 2007

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Yesterdays Haul, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

  • A day out with my husband and kids.
  • A trip to Spotlight, see photo.
  • Nippy’s Iced Coffee.
  • Boikido!
  • Sing-a-longs with the toddler, especially when she starts yodeling to The Lonely Goatherd.

More Dresses 3 October, 2007

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Dresses for Etsy, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

Once I started I just couldn’t stop. I just love the style. I’m going to have to start an Etsy shop to support this habit.