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Pleated Dress 21 September, 2007

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Pleated Dress, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

My brother got engaged in May and since then I’ve been searching for something the toddler could wear. It’s going to be a fairly casual garden event at the end of summer.

I was inspired by a dress Jane wore at the beginning of the Mary Poppins movie with a dropped waist and pleated skirt. I spent far too many hours browsing the internet looking at different boutique sites. I found a dress by Greggy Girl that was almost perfect, except for the huge price tag.

Not giving up I searched the catalogues of all the big pattern companies. I found a pattern by McCalls from the ’80s that was just perfect but not much use since it was no longer available. Finally, after days obsessing over a dress I found Butterick Pattern B4842. Six fast and easy dresses. (Or jumpers it appears the Americans call them.)

I bought the pattern, chose a size and copied the pattern pieces. Then I packed it all away. I had to find the right fabric. So of course I spent countless hours scouring eBay and online fabric sources for the right fabric. I wanted something blue and not overly girly. I liked a lot of the new retro fabrics available but they weren’t really the right style for this dress.

One day I was in my local fabric store browsing the fabrics. I’d pick one out and then put it back. Then I’d put back the five other fabrics the toddler had pulled out. I looked at this fabric from Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy collection, I liked it but I just wasn’t sure about it. Eventually I bought it, still unsure and it got put away in the cupboard. That was three months ago.

Last night I finally got inspired enough to make the dress. It came together nicely but I don’t think it’s as fast and easy as Butterick would like you to think. The pleats were time consuming and the instructions on the lining were confusing. I also relearned that pressing and basting are as important as the actual sewing.

I think it turned out lovely, although if I were to do it over I would use a brown ribbon. Some of the pleats are a little uneven, it was late at night and I don’t think you can really tell. Especially when it’s being worn by a toddler racing away from you.


Summertime 21 September, 2007

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Hats, hats, hats, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

The sun is shining and so we need hats, plenty of hats so that one is always at hand to match any outfit. Invariably the toddler asks to wear the *colour we don’t have* hat, much like she always wants to wear her green shoes, only we don’t have any green shoes. These hats are fully reversible and a cinch to make. I used Kwik-Sew Pattern 3079 with some adjustments, most notably a wider brim.

I’m doing much better this week, thanks to those that asked. I got a couple of good chunks of sleep and we’ve come up with a plan to ensure I get at least one good nights sleep a week.

There’s a black cloud over my head 14 September, 2007

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But it’s not the sort that will bring some much needed rain.

I’m not in a good spot right now. Nothing that a good nights sleep wouldn’t fix, or a Division One Tattslotto win, but I’ve been a lot better. I want to scream words that I don’t normally say. I’m angry at everyone. Some people deservedly so, most not.

I should be happy. I’m playing in a netball Grand Final tomorrow. My kids are gorgeous and delightful. I’ve been crafting. The business is doing well. It’s my birthday next week. However, not getting more than two hours of sleep in a row all week is really bringing me down.

I’ll be alright, I know it.  I’m taking the night off.  This too shall pass.

Tee to Wee Dress Reconstruction 13 September, 2007

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Chaos Agent, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

I lost my sewing room when the spare room had to make way for the new baby. Since then I’ve been sewing on the kitchen table. It is a total pain because I have to unpack everything and then pack it all away because a certain toddler is obsessed with pins.

We had friends over for dinner a month ago so I had to pack away the sewing machine rather than eat around it like we normally do. It’s a real shame that it took over a month for it to come back out and worse that the only reason I got it out was to mend some clothes.

I did manage to finish this tee reconstruction that I started, oh I don’t know, maybe two months ago. I’m a terrible finisher and I’m pretty sure that hems are my least favourite thing to sew. I think it’s totally perfect for a girl that is turning two next month.

The baby is crawling now. While awesome it does mean that I’ll have to be more vigilant about cleaning up after the toddler. Especially when she spills a packet of sultanas that blend right into the carpet. I’ve spent days picking them up but there always seems to be more. It’s like they are multiplying.

The toddler is talking up a storm, some of my favourites from the last few days:

“No crying baby!”
“Oops, oh dear.”
And, after being thanked for something, “No worries!”