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Clue #1 that 6hrs sleep a night is not sustainable 1 June, 2007

Posted by possum in Life, Parenting.
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In the last three days I have:

  • Freaked out because I couldn’t find my car key, only to find it in the ignition of my locked car, radio on.  Luckily the battery didn’t run flat.
  • Borrowed D’s car key because I couldn’t find my own, only to find I couldn’t use them because my own key was already in the ignition.  This was a separate incident to the previous one.
  • In the same night, freaked out because I couldn’t find the remote locker for the car and my key was locked in the car, only to find that I had left the remote locker, key and my wallet in my unlocked car.  At least my key wasn’t still in the ignition.