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One plus one always equals two 27 January, 2007

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I consider myself a fairly intellegent person. I think I am especially good at maths. So one would wonder why I continue to check my pregnancy calendar at least once a day.  (Today’s tip: This is a good time to purchase nursery items.) Surprise! I’m still 36 weeks pregnant. Just like I was this morning.


Nesting continued… 27 January, 2007

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Guess who’s oven is now covered in a white foam that is working relentlessly to remove six years of baked on grease and grime?

That’s right.

Nesting 26 January, 2007

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This is what I did today:

  • Scrubbed the tiles in the kitchen;
  • Cleaned the inside of the kettle (how does something that only boils water get so dirty inside?);
  • Cleaned the underneath of the overhead cupboards;
  • Washed all the containers that sit on our kitchen bench;
  • Cleaned the front of the dishwasher;
  • Folded and sorted the gender neutral baby clothes by size;
  • Vacuumed and cleaned out the car.

Now if that list isn’t enough to convince you that I am nesting (or going crazy, take your pick), here’s the clincher: if I had oven cleaner (there’s a hint to how unusual this is for me), I would have cleaned the oven. I almost sent my husband back to the supermarket to get some after he’d just returned with a bag of groceries.

But perhaps I’m not really nesting. Because if I was I would have sent my husband back to the supermarket, or attempted to clean the oven without any oven cleaning product, right? Hmmm… nope, I’m pretty sure if I tried that I would just be crazy.

Travel Bag 6 January, 2007

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Travel Bag, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

I love this bag. It’s a good thing too. I had to unpick to resew it twice! The first time was because the frame panels didn’t fit to the side panel. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t used piping and sewn it to the side panel first. There was a quick three hours wasted. Sewing the piping to the frame panel was successful.

Just as I was finishing up the bag the handles frayed out. Argh! Cue unpicking number two so I could melt the ends and sew them over. I’m going to have to give the bag a real stress test (it’s only stuffed with pillows in this photo).  God I hope it holds up.

I put this bag together using this tutorial.

Happy New Year 1 January, 2007

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I am having a baby this year! In less than two months! Holy crap. I am at a point now where my worry about how I am going to manage having two kids is almost as forefront in my mind as how much I hate being pregnant this time around. Almost. The fact that the toddler has suddenly started spending much of the day screaming is probably attributing to my turnaround.

We have two problems with the toddler. One, she’s now tall enough to be able to see on top of the dining table so she can see all the cool stuff, like our wallets and keys. Two, her memory is developed enough now that she remembers where things are, for example where we keep the chocolate and other goodies. We have had tantrums in the last couple of days for (i) deciding that she had eaten enough hand cream and taking the tube away from her (new development, she can open the lid!), (ii) deciding that she had eaten enough marshmallows and ignoring her persistent (and damn near constant) “ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta” while standing in front of and pointing at the lolly cupboard, and (iii) deciding that it really isn’t a good idea to let her play with coins, especially once she starts putting those tiny five cent pieces in her mouth.

On (iii) I spent a lot of time later that night wondering if I was a little slow to take away the coins when the toddler woke up screaming and appearing to have stomach cramps. Luckily there has been no sign of shiny, silver metal at nappy changes.

Slouchy Hobo Bag 1 January, 2007

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Inside Slouchy Hobo Bag and Slouchy Hobo Bag, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

This is a bag I made for my mum based on a bag I bought a while ago. I’m very proud of it for two reasons.

One, I had to wing it without a pattern or tutorial. I read a lot of different bag tutorials on craftster to make sure I had the process right and I probably spent more time thinking about how I was going to make the bag than I actually spent sewing.

Two, it’s very nearly stitch perfect. I made a slight error on the side zip pocket where I cut the opening a little too long but otherwise it all came together beautifully. There really is a point to testing thread tension etc before you begin!