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Insomnia 21 October, 2006

Posted by possum in Life.
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It’s 6am. I have been awake since 2am. I am tired but cannot sleep. I nearly cried when I realised there is no milk left for my cereal. I drank it at 3am, hoping it would help me sleep. It didn’t and now I’m tired and hungry and there is nothing to eat for breakfast.


Happy Labour Day 12 October, 2006

Posted by possum in Parenting, Pregnancy.
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One year ago today I was pacing around the house, flipping through pregnancy books and timing contractions, wondering if I was really in labour. The contractions had started early that morning and steadily increased in frequency and strength. In about half an hour my husband would get home from work and we would go for a walk. At the beginning I could walk through the contractions after 3 kilometres I was almost stopping each time a contraction would peak.

After we got home my husband would have to go out to help a customer. I would spend the time he was away speaking to my mum to see if she had any insights on when to go to the hospital. We only live a block from the hospital, so I wasn’t too concerned about leaving it too late. I cooked dinner, but could only pick at some broccoli. A shame really because I do enjoy Chinese style spare ribs. Based on what happened later though, I’m quite glad I didn’t have much of an appetite.

At 9pm I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep through these contractions and I really needed to know if this was labour. I decided it was time to go to the hospital. I had packed my hospital bag throughout the afternoon, but afraid of being sent home I didn’t take it. If I ended up staying at the hospital I could send my husband home to get it as we only live a block away.

The midwife on duty didn’t seem too convinced that I was really in labour when I arrived, but after a short time on the monitor (contractions two minutes apart) and an internal check (7cm dilated) she informed me that I would not be going home. Everything progressed smoothly for the next five hours and my baby girl was born. Tomorrow is her birthday!