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2 10 September, 2006

Posted by possum in Parenting, Pregnancy, Sport + Fitness.
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I’m playing in two netball Grand Finals this week, Tuesday morning and Saturday afternoon. Hooray! Saturday is the important one. I think I played a good game yesterday, along with everyone else on the team and we came away with a convincing win to take our spot in the Grand Final. We haven’t beaten the team we will be playing this season, but I think if we continue our finals series form we will be a great chance of taking home the premiership. I’m hoping for nice warm weather this week. But not too warm because I don’t want to worry about overheating.

I’ll be a little relieved to have netball season over, as then I’ll be able to breathe out and stop pretending I’m not pregnant. At the same time, we told our families on the weekend and I was a little sad to have the secret out.

And the baby?  She’s walking!


Fathers Day 1 September, 2006

Posted by possum in Parenting.
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Fathers Day Gift Photo, originally uploaded by hossum possum.

It’s a good thing that in Australia there is four months between Mothers Day and Fathers Day. If it were as close as it is in the US I don’t think I would have gotten over how disappointing it was to not get any recognition on my first Mothers Day. As it is, I’ve moved on enough to gift wrap a new shirt, some lollies and a photo of the baby and me and I’m planning a sleep in and breakfast in bed for Sunday. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve moved on enough to forget about it and not be thinking of this Fathers Day as a how to lesson for my husband. Baby steps.