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Home Alone 25 May, 2006

Posted by possum in Life.
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For the first time in over seven months I am at home, alone.  No husband, no baby.  It's beautiful.  I'm watching trashy TV while eating mushrooms fried in lots of butter.

When I started cooking I had to get a frying pan from under a pile of dishes on the drying rack.  As there was the inevitable tumble and crash of dishes I cringed, worried about the noise waking the baby.  After a moment I realised, hey, I can make as much noise as I want to for the next few hours!  If I wanted I could walk out the door in as long as it takes to get my shoes and keys.  I can't wait for my baby to be back, but that realisation felt like heaven.


Peppermint Chocolate Pudding 22 May, 2006

Posted by possum in Cooking.
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Last night I was helping my mum make a chocolate pudding for my brother's birthday tea. We decided to add some peppermint essence. I looked in the spice rack and spotted the row of various essences. Ah yes, the one with the green lid must be peppermint. In goes a teaspoon on top of the pudding mixture. Hmm, that doesn't look quite right, what sort of peppermint essence is this. Oh, the sort of peppermint essence that is really green food colouring. Yikes! I managed to scrape out most of the food colouring, so the pudding was only slightly green and I found the peppermint essence, which has a white lid. The pudding tasted wonderful, even if it did look slightly green.

Snuffle 20 May, 2006

Posted by possum in Life.
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I am now into my third cold in a month. I only have to see a runny nose and I've caught it. What the hell is up with my immune system? Meanwhile I'm also nursing a sprained ankle – no fun! Combine that with the non-event that was my first Mothers Day and PMS and I am one cranky and miserable person.

Further evidence that all my brains got passed on to the baby, I've put the cereal in the fridge twice this week.